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The Tough and Lucky Survive

Yet Another Kind of Photo Essay

Our Own Pulse Beats

Live an Anishinaabe Life

A Few More Sentences - 01

Our Continued Rise Isn't a Mystery

You Have to Remember

The Truth Is

I Struggle with My Encounters

Another Kind of a Photo Essay

If We Natural People of the Earth

There Was No Thing On Earth

Light Winds From the North

This is the Time

Many Children Never Returned Home

Out of a Great Need

I Feel Above Me the Day-Blind Stars

A Subterranean and Vanquishing Good

Kind of a Photo Essay

To Honor All Creation

To Reveal and Correct Misconceptions

Something Has Tried to Kill Me

How Do You Manage

In the Deep Rain of Lilacs

I Will Cast Abominable Filth Upon You

Loney Took a Sip of His Whiskey

You Can't Ignore Politics

But Love, I'll Concede This


That Famous Place

Merciless Indian Savages

Welcome to the World

Those Stymied from Visiting

Someone Said It Is Going To Rain

You Can Only Fight

Is It Time For You To Go?

Inside a Black Box

Indignant Accusations

The Pleasures and Pains

The Point

It Is Hard For Some To Know


Life is Lived for His Pack

A Pile of Freebies

Mortality is not Kind

We Become Immortal

The Learner, with Practice and Ability

These Canadian Half-Breeds Pay No Taxes

I Am Asking You to Imagine

Everything is Still Here

The Breeze Carries Hints of Old Songs

Bones Carrying On

Gazing Like Narcissus Into the Pool

A Free Pass

Only Kitchi Manitou Can Do That

Some Of It May Irritate

But This Death I Am Leaving

There's Nothing the Internet Hates More

Rekindling Connections

A Road Trip Across America

We Recognize Our Kinship

Frogs Don't Get Into Funks

For All Our Relatives

Pulling a 200-Pound Sled

The Ultimate, Hidden Truth of the World

And When I am Gone to the Farther Camps

What Changes?